What is an

Explainer Video?

A good explainer video contains content that clearly explains the topics of interest in a fun and creative way that is easy to digest. 

Explainer videos make for an effective marketing tool to bring in new audiences and educate viewers on your business. This can help customers decide if they want to purchase or invest in your company.

We try and approach each project with a clean slate starting with you and your story. Our complete service helps guide you from concept through to video production to hand off and activation. If you are planning on making an explainer video feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote. 

Explainer Video Real


Target Audience

Knowing your target audience can greatly gauge the style and story of your video, and make sure it appeals to the right style of customer.

to the point

You may have a lot to say in your video, but keeping things brief and simple makes things much easier to understand and will help your point come across.

spark conversations

Getting the viewers involved with questions and invitations will add a sense of connection and ultimately make for a more memorable video.