About Us

Who Are We?

TF Media is a video production company with a love for making commercials. We aim at bringing our services to independent businesses and putting a different spin on standard commercials, making something a bit more memorable. 


 For us story is king! The story is what gets audiences engaged with brands and products and sets apart the forgettable from the memorable. We love to work collaboratively making sure each video has a personal feel to it and is right for you.   


The Team

July 2021
Thomas Foden

I started with photography at a young age but quickly realised I wanted to push this further as I felt photography was quite limiting. Creating videos seemed like a natural progression and after my first film I was hooked. I refined my skills as a filmmaker studying at the northern film school and have been progressing ever since. 

August 2020
The Gear

We love our gear! They are our tools to perform and deliver the high quality commercials. We would be no where without them. We have chosen to use Black Magic Cinema cameras as they provide us with cinematic imagery at a 4K resolution.