What is an


What we try and do at TF Media is tell your story through a visual medium. A good explainer video contains content that clearly explains the topics of interest in a fun and creative way that is easy to digest. 

Explainer videos make for an effective marketing tool to bring in new audiences and educate viewers on your business. This can help customers decide if they want to purchase or invest in your company.

We try and approach each project with a clean slate starting with you and your story. Our complete-service helps guide you from concept through to video production to hand of and activation. If your planning on making an explainer video feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote. 

interview Reel


practice practice!

Knowing what you are going to say will greatly decrease the amount of pressure you may feel during an interview and will look more professional.

Body language

Videos are a visual medium and even if it may feel a bit unnatural, body language can do so much for getting your point across and engaging the viewer.

have fun with it!

Showing that passion you have for your business or place of work will make your company look approachable and friendly. 


If you would like a no obligation quote for your next video, feel free to get in touch. If you would like a more in depth look at our process and what it is we offer, we have a dedicated services page that specifically discusses this.