product commercial

What is a

Product Commercial

A good product commercial displays the functions and use of a product in a fun and exciting way.

It's no secret that here at TF Media we love video! Product Commercials are some of the funnest, as they can be our most creative using motion graphics, sound effects and more. One thing we love is adding that cinematic touch to take the video that much higher.

Product commercial Reel

Product Commercial

to the point

You may have a lot you want to say about your product, but keeping things short and simple makes them easier to understand and more memorable.

something different

It's good practice to make a slightly unique and visually exciting commercial as it can make for good word of mouth, ultimately getting more attention.  

target audience

Knowing your target audience can greatly gauge the style and story of your video, and make sure it appeals to the right style of customer.


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